The Wander Postcard Project

by Elia

We recently stumbled upon these great illustrations for Wander's 'Postcard Project: A Traveler's Canon', one of the most hyped about start-ups with viral exposure across various social media platforms. The site is built around mystery with very few details actually exposed, yet with very clever social media branding and marketing strategies has attracted followings of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. The very clever founders of this start-up are clearly playing on our our inquisitive nature, and it's working to a T.  

An article from Jordan Crook from Tech Crunch provides a more detailed picture of the start-up: "The best way I know how to explain Wander is that it’s a love child between the information of Yelp and the beauty of Pinterest, but for all places.

The idea is that you share places that are meaningful to you, whether it be your first date with your wife, places you have fun at, and places you wish you could go. The compilation of these things is called a Wanderlog. According to founder Jeremy Fisher, everyone already has a Wanderlog. It’s just made up of old pictures, post cards, and ticket stubs. With Wander, users can compile their entire Wanderlog online using beautiful templates both on the web and on iOS.

But it’s not just for users. Brands can leverage a Wanderlog, too. For example, the Grand Hotel can post about various restaurants and shops nearby that guests can tap into by visiting the Grand Hotel Wander log."

Fisher is vague about his new multi-platform startup, which will be launching in the next few months. "It's a way to see the world through others' eyes. It's the intersection of location and curation," he says mysteriously.  "We saw a gap between curation and location that wasn't being tapped. There are improvised user behaviors happening on other networks that we've observed, and this is a platform for those behaviors."

Wander will be both "expressive and vicarious," he says. It won't be about saving places to try later, and it wasn't an idea spun out from Dinevore (Fisher's previous start-up). 

Read more of this article at Business Insider.

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