The incredibly talented David Choe

by Elia

You can find his work in almost every facet of modern day society - whether its comics, murals, toys and product design, prints, movies, music, magazines, books, commercials, posters, fashion, fine art or in live demos - David Choe is an incredibly talented artist that can paint (what seems like) anything he likes and however he likes.
As a multi-dimensional artist, Choe’s work is able to cross over between different mediums and blur the lines between street art/graffiti, pop culture, classic and modern contemporary styles which gives his work so much character and originality.
Describing himself as ‘homeless, wandering the earth, making good art and bad music’, Choe seems incredibly humble and down to earth for someone with so much talent and creativity > especially when you consider the fact that he now has shares in Facebook worth $200 million!
HOW? Because in 2005 he was commissioned to paint murals for Facebook’s office where he was offered either money or shares of the equivalent value and, opting for the latter, Choe showed brilliant business foresight.   
What a guy..  
The video below shows how creative of an artist Choe is when spray painting stick figures with Zuckerberg at the Facebook HQ.   

Visit his website or check out his blog for more of his work.