Welcome to the whimsical cartoon world of Tane Williams

A few weeks ago we happened to stumble upon the incredible talents of London based illustrator, designer and 'doodler' Tane Williams, and thank God we did! After a few short chats it became immediately clear that Tane is an extremely humble guy, casually describing himself as "an illustrator, sometimes a designer, and generally just a weirdo from New Zealand who now lives and works (tries to) in London."

Trying to work in London couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, Tane has worked with a range of high-end clients - including Saatchi & Saatchi, Flying Nun Records, Shine, Droga5 and a heap of magazines such as Corker, Nylon, Metro and Idealog - and currently resides at the amazing multi-disciplinary community of OPEN Studio (see below for further), home to a range of talented creatives in London.   

As evident in his work, Tane's creative style draws on influences from comics, animation and a healthy love for The Simpsons (see how many characters you can spot in this post alone). 

"I draw squiggly cartoonish drawings, squeezed through by brain, soaked in all my various obsessions and interests." 

"I mix 60's psychedelia, The Simpsons, european comics, weird Cronenberg and Carpenter films, trash from the internet, and mundane shit from real life to create images for my own selfish and perverted pleasure."

"In New Zealand I collect cacti."

Be sure to check out OPEN Studio, where Tane currently resides. The shared studio is home to a whole range of freelance creatives, or as tane puts it, "a magic space in East London with a whole bunch of wizards", very talented wizards we thinks.  

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